How to Pick Your Lingerie

img-thing (2)Every woman loves to feel beautiful in her lingerie, but the truth is that not all lingerie is appropriate for every woman. It’s wrong that some lingerie says that one size fits every woman. The same applies to the intimate apparel, which women like to wear every day.

Let’s see how you can pick your lingerie based on your looks.

Determine Your Body Shape

First of all, you need to know what type of body you have – the appearance of your body will tell you what kind of lingerie you can wear to look good. There are three types of bodies for women – a pear, an apple or a ruler. The woman who has a “pear” shaped body is curvy, with larger hips and a smaller top. The “ruler” type is the woman that is balanced, with some curves. Usually, these are slim women who are slightly athletic. An apple figure has a larger chest, with a thicker middle and tone, thin legs.
Depending on your body shape, you can choose the perfect lingerie to flatter your body and make you feel beautiful.

For Pear-Shaped Women

For a woman who has a pear-shaped body, the best thing to do is to choose that type of clothing that accentuate the curves and slim down the thighs. You could always choose a flirty gown that can hide the upper part of your legs. Apart from these, you could go for items that wrap around your belly, as it can break up the visual from breasts to hips, drawing the attention. A combination of lace bra and boy-shorts will also help you look beautiful.

For Ruler-Shaped Women

These women can wear almost anything, but it should be lingerie that adds curves. The items that you get need to break up the straight line, and you could choose corsets or bustiers that can push up your breasts and slim your waist. This type of lingerie should add bulk to the chest area and the hips area, but it also needs to show the narrow waist that you have.

For Apple-Shaped Women

This type of woman needs to get that lingerie that shows the breasts and distracts the attention from the tummy. For this body, a babydoll outfit with a lower plunge front and plenty of details over the chest area will be perfect, as it enhances the aspect. It’s a type of outfit that accentuates the bust, while the rest of the fabric will cover the tummy, minimizing any thickness that can be in that area.

wacoal_lingerieYou could also try corsets if you have this body shape, as you can narrow your waist with the help of the laces. However, if you want to try out the corsets, make sure you pick one that has a long line. A corset that is too short will make you feel uncomfortable because it will make your belly appear wider.

Shopping for Lingerie

Once you know what body shape you have, you can explore different styles that can work with your aspect. Do a thorough research before choosing something, and get to know the lingerie boutiques that are available in your area.

When you go shopping for lingerie, make sure you pick out the items that make you feel sensual and also comfortable. If you don’t feel sensual, you can’t be sensual. The attitude that you have has a lot to do with how you look in lingerie. Trying out is the only way to decide what looks good on you, so start shopping right away!